The benefits of monthly…

When it comes to websites, there are many reasons why a monthly project structure brings advantages over a one-off project. Below I've detailed just a few advantages that a monthly project structure can bring.

Firstly, what do I mean by 'one-off' and 'monthly'

When a client chooses a supplier to design and build their website, most website companies will produce a quote for a one-off cost for the design and build of that website. Once the process is complete, the client is then trained on how to use the website (assuming a content management system or 'CMS' has been put in place) and the relationship ends there. This is what I mean when I refer to the term 'one-off'. When I use the term 'monthly', I'm describing a relationship where, rather than being a fixed project that happens once and ends, by structuring payment through a monthly fee, an ongoing and supportive relationship is created.

Technologies change, new technologies emerge

There's an ever growing list of choices in how people communicate. Whether it's facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or foursquare, there's a huge number of platforms and technologies available. It's no longer acceptable for a company to force its customers to communicate using just one platform; a company should be engaging with its audience using whichever platform or technology their client's desire. What's more, the rate of development in the world of communication and web applications is ever increasing. By choosing to work with a design company on an ongoing, monthly basis, this enables a company and its website to keep up with new ways of communicating, and incorporate these into its website as they become popular.

A business changes; its website should keep up

As the saying goes "If you are standing still, you are moving backwards". A modern business must evolve to keep up with new opportunities, its clients needs and its competitors. A major part of that businesses evolution should be communicating with its customers, primarily through its website. By having the strong relationship and ongoing support that comes from working with a good website supplier on a monthly basis, a company's website can keep up with this evolution. Whether it's updating marketing pages, adding new products or services or keeping customers informed of news and developments, having the resources of a website partner to call on at any time gives a company freedom to improve its marketing, communication and its offering.

If cash is King, cashflow is the Queen

These days, more than ever, cash really is king. With company's budget's being squeezed and customers also feeling the pinch, it's more important than ever for a company to find ways to smooth its cashflow. By working with a website supplier on a monthly basis, a company can quickly and easily forecast its website costs, allowing them to focus on putting their money to use in other ways.

We're all human

With all the goodwill in the world, we're all human and we all forget things. Owners and staff have enough to focus on with the running of their companies without having to remember how to make changes to their website. Inevitably, when an obstacle such as forgetting how to do something gets in the way, the task in question doesn't get done. Multiply this effect by the number of employees in a company and the result can be a stale and out of date website. By working with a website supplier on a monthly basis, support and training can be given as required, meaning the obstacle is removed and the website stays fresh and up to date. This also applies to new staff; rather than having to pay a supplier for a new training session, a good monthly supplier can simply train each staff member as required, meaning your team stays up to date and able to keep your website up to date also.

As I'm sure you've gathered by reading the points above, I'm a huge fan of developing strong, ongoing relationships with clients and enjoying the benefits this brings. If you'd like to share your thoughts, comments or experiences, please feel free to make a comment below.

About the author:

Tom Perkins

Tom runs evolve websites, an innovative service creating stunning websites that come with updates included for a fixed monthly fee. He’s passionate about websites, design, marketing and giving customers an unbelievable service. When he’s not working, Tom enjoys cycling, playing squash, eating tasty food and anything to do with cars.

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