How we’re making our clients’ websites GDPR compliant

  • How we're making our clients’ websites GDPR compliant

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island you will no doubt have seen all of the hype around the new GDPR regulations coming into force on 25th May 2018 – which will impact all businesses that collect and use personal data.

However, making sure the way you use your website to collect data is compliant, needn’t be a headache. In most cases it’s just a small adjustment here and there to ensure the new consent rules are being followed by the business.

We firmly believe that a successful business website should be generating leads and doing that means capturing the information of prospects. All the websites we produce for our clients have features which encourage data capture and lead generation.

So we are working with our clients to make sure their websites are GDPR compliant in a number of ways:

New Privacy Policy Template

The wording to your privacy policy needs to be updated to bring it in line with GDPR, so to make life easier we have created a new GDPR privacy policy template that we're offering to all our clients. If you'd like to get a copy of the template simply drop us an email to

Updated Data Capture Forms

We're also making sure that all data capture forms in our clients’ websites have two new sections:

  • The first is a required field that users have to tick to confirm that they're happy for our client to store and use their information in line with their privacy policy
  • The second is an optional field that the user can tick if they'd like to receive marketing material from our client

Hidden Consent Page

In certain cases we're also setting up a new, hidden page on our clients’ website which contains a form which users can complete to give their consent for the company in question to store their details and stay in touch with them.

The client can then email a link to the hidden page, to their entire database, asking for everyone on it to actively give their consent, as another way to ensure GDPR compliance.

We're going to be making sure all our clients websites are GDPR compliant in time for the 25th May 2018 deadline, but if you'd like any help or advice on your company's website then feel free to give me a call (01264 735 333) or leave me a comment below.

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Tom Perkins

Tom runs evolve websites, an innovative service creating stunning websites that come with updates included for a fixed monthly fee. He’s passionate about websites, design, marketing and giving customers an unbelievable service. When he’s not working, Tom enjoys cycling, playing squash, eating tasty food and anything to do with cars.

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